PRECISION HEALTH is a centre specialized in providing personalised and effective Corrective Chiropractic care for you and your family. We ensure every visit is an unique experience with all your concerns and worries covered. Embrace Dedication, Commitment and Professionalism from Our Doctors.

Corrective Care

We are advocates of Corrective Chiropractic Care, which is the only path to achieve optimal health through consistent and committed treatment plans as opposed to symptomatic care where you make a visit only when you're in pain


We are committed to providing the most dedicated and personalized Chiropractic care during every visit. We keep all your concerns covered and answered while ensuring you receive the best every visit

Family Based

We believe in treating and adjusting every single individual including their family members to achieve optimal health together as a family

Our Doctors are great adjustors using the best adjustment techniques in ensuring effective and lasting results

We ensure all of your concerns are covered every visit and your treatments administered with dedication.Our adjustment sessions are not the typical 1 minute visits as we want you to be delicately cared for every visit.

We ensure our prices are clear, affordable and competitive. We are able to work out flexible payment plans based on your financial standing.

We believe that everyone should be given the equal opportunity to be under Chiropractic care due to its vast benefits. Whether you're a baby, a construction worker or a medical doctor, we welcome you under our care.

Our Services

Corrective Chiropractic care

We treat and adjust every individual towards optimal health through consistent and committed care. We do not treat only your symptoms but its root cause as well to prevent future lapses.

latest technologies

We utilize the latest technologies and products to enhance your recovery process and improve your treatment experience. Expect only the best.

Corporate workshops

Our Doctors conduct regular corporate health talks and workshops on-site in your office. We cover a wide range of topics - Stress Management, Nutrition, Back Pain Management - just to name a few.
What We Treat

At PRECISION HEALTH, we treat individuals regardless of age on a wide range of conditions such as back/neck pain, slipped disc, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, bone spurs, spinal degeneration, spondolysis, sciatica, anxiety, depression, insomnia, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, blood pressure and many more.

What Our Patients Say
I am 30 weeks pregnant and had lower back pain issues that were so severe that I couldn't walk properly or even get out of bed. I had problems falling asleep too given the low back pain which I get even by just lying down on bed. A friend of mine brought me to ChiroKare and introduced me to Chiropractic care. My pain was relieved almost instantly and after the first adjustment, I slept like a pig that night. I was able to get out of bed and stand up easily from a seated position without any pain. I am grateful for ChiroKare in solving my low back pain. I am looking forward to a healthier pregnancy and getting my baby treated once its out
27, Pregnant lady Low back pain, Insomnia
I have been suffering from the effects of scoliosis for many years... The pain was so excruciating that I wasn't able to even get out of bed at times. Ever since I visited ChiroKare, my pain has been greatly reduced, mobility has improved tremendously and my energy levels are higher than usual. I am very happy with how the services are personalized for me. I am now recommending my friends who are experiencing scoliosis to come get themselves checked and treated as compared to the bracing solutions that we were told of previously. Thank you ChiroKare!
28, Professional Scoliosis